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Cornell Vintage Brown 10, Red Snake tolex,
The look and the tone !!!

Panel Features:
Gain control Volume Treble Bass Reverb

Gain control in/out for guitar volume control.

Tone shift switch

ABCD Output from 10 watts to 1/8th watt

Valve Complement:
ECC83 (x2)
ECC81 x1
6L6 x 1

High 10 watts
Low 1/8th
8 ohms

New Cornell Range
The Vintage Brown range of amplifiers the VB 10. VB 20. & the VB 40.
The sound from your fingers from Hand Built Excellence.
Many 80s guitar players developed a way of
the amplifier from the guitars
volume control and discarded the need for
distortion pedals that coloured the tone.
By incorporating the Guitars volume control as
part of the Vintage Browns amplifiers pre amp
design, the amplifier will deliver plenty of gain
to drive the output into more than a normal
amount of distortion.
Control the amount of gain by increasing the
guitars volume control, back off the guitar
volume and the amp will clean up.
Optional Gain Control.
In case you cannot use the guitars volume, there
is the standard gain control.
With the gain control in operation, amounts of
distortion are achieved by adjustment of the gain
control in conjunction with the volume control.
With the gain switch in the out position the guitar’s volume takes the place of the gain control.
Honouring the sound of the 80’s The
Vintage Brown
Vintage refers to the 1980s sound. Brown refers to the tone sort after by many
guitar players of that generation.
After the Plexi sound of the seventy’s, many amplifier makers were adding pre-
amp valves to obtain extra distortion. All kinds of attempts were employed to
achieve that distortion sound you get when you turn off the amp and as the
amplifiers voltage dies away, a particular distortion occurs.
By control of the amplifiers output power linked to the preamp gain the Cornell VB
range is designed to emulate this 80s phenomenon.

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