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Roger Daguet lives south of Paris where he has been making guitars since 1975. What started as a broke but nonetheless talented musician hobby ended up as a vital need with orders coming from more and more remote parts of the world (Europe, USA, Australia etc.).

He is a big fan of music bands such as MC5, SRC, Radio Birdman, Johnny Winter and Sonic's rendez vous, but he also loves great figures like Hendrix, Larry Corriel, John Berberian, Don van vliet and Sun ra. His favourite musical instruments are, as you could guess, guitars (Crestwoods, Guild S100, Hagström corvette), but also saz and ouds.

The instruments he makes, whether they are reproductions or originals, can answer the most diverse needs.

Roger Daguet is so inspiring with his copies of legendary guitars that a guitar show without him has become unthinkable, as his work alone is an introduction to the history of guitar and electric bass!

It is in other words a trip which leads back to the origins of electrical guitar and its evolution through different brands in addition to the personal touch and high quality standards of a luthier.

We can make your dream Daguet guitar. If it is not to be found on this website, please contact us, we shall define its components together and then order it.


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