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Philippe Dubreuille was born on 12th August 1957 in Paris, France. He played guitar in his teens and decided to build a guitar to his own specifications when he was about 20. Philippe is self taught and started customising guitars for himself and friends from this time.

In 1985, Philippe worked in a music shop in Geneva repairing guitars for 4 years. He then moved to England to learn English and work with Nightingale Guitars in Croydon for a year with Bernie Goodfellow and Neil Macdonald.

Moving back to France Philippe started his own workshop near Evian, built a reputation for designing, building and repairing guitars for numerous musicians and artists.

He remained there for 10 years until 1996 when he was commissioned by Mesa Boogie Europe to build a series of his Resophonic guitars which were branded 'Philgood'.

In 1999, Philippe got the opportunity to further develop his skills as a consultant and director in a classical guitar factory in the north of Portugal - Guitaras Cigana. He was there for a year.

In 2000, Philippe decided that the best place for further his musical development was back in London and has been here ever since, Philippe worked for Neil Macdonald again in Denmark Street in the repair, customising, design and building department.


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