Van Zandt guitars,






These guitars are made in Japan by PGM, with no affiliation with Van Zandt pickups, with the exception that these guitars are equipped
with Van Zandt pickups. I infer that is the reason for the name on the headstock.

Van Zandt makes arguably the nicest Fender copies in all of Japan. They use a very thin all-nitrocellulose finish that no other
company uses. They are masters of custom finishes, as each guitar they make just radiates mojo.  Van Zandt, under PGM,
makes only Fender replicas and offer Jazzmasters (JMV series), Stratocasters (STV series), Telecasters (TLV series), Precision Basses (PBV series)
and Jazz Basses (JBV series).  They feature 3 different neck types, indicated in the model number, for example, as STV-R1,
STV-R2 or STV-R3).  All models share the same unbelievably-gorgeous finishes, either in thin lacquer, or in thick lacquer.
The thin lacquer finishes are more popular and prettier, and so are a little more prevalent in the market, if you can find a
place that even has one.

STV, TLV, JMV indicates the model of guitar, R1, R2, R3 indicates the wooden combination body/neck. A STV R1  is a Stratocaster with a body in ash and a neck in maple. R2 = body alder/neck rosewood on maple. R3 = body ash/neck rosewood on maple. There is two profile of neck, SOFT V (R1) or U (R2, R3). Other profiles are available with option.

I have had all of the most high-end vintage Fender clones out there, American and Japanese alike, and these Van Zandt guitars
have, by far, the most vintage vibe of them all.   These are made for professional guitarists and are priced accordingly.  These
guitars are the definition of functional art as far as guitars are concerned.  No expense was spared in making these and you
certainly get what you pay for with these guitars.

 Currently PGM is only producing high-end guitars such as VanZandt Guitars, Moon, and its original brand PGM. They used to make Schecter guitars once.  In 1978, they started to sell 22fret replacement necks for Fender Strat. This commonly used "plus-one fret" neck was their idea !




Don't hesitate to ask for a special, custom Van Zandt guitar. We can configure and order your dream guitar.

Van Zandt stratocaster test :


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